nerdy book stuffs

i just finished this book:

it was surprisingly good and i whipped through it.

among other things it’s about a stripper, so it had some smut in it, which is always good.

and then it had a very cool twist at the end, that i really never saw coming. bonus.
although it’s over 500 pages long, the story flew along at a nice rapid pace and kept me guessing, and what more could one ask for in a book?

and look, the author’s kind of hot. that always helps.

i just wasn’t sure about the title. i developed some kind of mental block over it, it refuses to stick in my brain.

so how would you all feel about the odd book review over here at a million miles?
i don’t want to bore you, or detract from your daily dose of smut, so please let me know honestly if you think it’s a sucky idea.
here, will it work better for you if i add in a dirty picture?
here’s a man in a giant penis costume:

ewwww, his chin are the balls! gross.

6 responses to “nerdy book stuffs”

  1. Paige! Men in penis costume. Early morning reading. breakfast. Eeeuw! Naah, not really, there was something kinda sexy about him. No. not really.

    Please do the odd book review! Please do. do. do. do. I’m reading a book at the moment called “the observations” by Jane Harris. Completely different from my normal read, but I’m quite captivated, however I’m not good at reviews so you’ll have to wiki it if you want more info.

  2. We love book reviews!
    (and talking about reviews, I tried to read the steven tolz book, I managed to get half way and then got a bit stuck, so it went back to the library, will have to try again!)

  3. ok, so four approving nods is good enough for me.
    thanks guys. more book reviews to follow.

    woz, that Jane Harris sounds interesting, i’m going to go check it out.

    i’m so not a blogger, sorry to hear about steven tolz – a fraction of the whole. it was defs my book of the year last year, but it is quite something to get through.

    the more i read the more i think that certain books come into your life at a specific time for a reason. and you need to pick up certain books at just the right time for it to work for you. i don’t know it might be etherial bullcrap, but i believe it.

  4. same thing goes for dickheads (like the one above) they all come into your life at a certain time for a reason. wahahahahahaha!

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