Mid-year bah humbug!

It’s heading towards the end of June.
I don’t need to tell you that.
Everyone is sick and a bit tired, it’s cold as hell, it’s definitely the mid-year slump, can i hear a hell yeah?
Oh, you’re too tired for a ‘hell yeah’ – fair enough.
So short of buying you a weekend for two in Tulbagh this weekend (which is completely out of the question, and if I may say quite unrealistic of you to expect), all i can really do to try brighten up your day is post a funny picture and hope for the best.
Here’s one that @Deems sent me. I like it. (Not as much as a weekend for two in Tulbagh, but hey, beggers can’t be choosers!)

If it’s too small and you’re too lazy/grumpy/old to reach for your specs, click on it once or twice and it should go bigger.

Oh and happy mid-year-slump-wednesday.

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