marketing geniuses!

‘dummy’ is a great friend of mine. he lives in durban. it’s hot there.

anyway, i’m assuming dummy took this picture, because he likes to do things like that. and he’s very good at it. either way, i stole it shamelessly and without permision off his facebook page and now i’m putting it here:

sorry dummy, but the devil made me do it.

what i love the most about this (even more than the amazing flash) is that you still feel like you’re getting a fricken good deal here in this store. even though, well, really, you aren’t!


3 responses to “marketing geniuses!”

  1. note it says Kwik-Mart on the bottom right of the sign, so hopefully its not in SA anywhere 🙂

  2. i didnt take it….i stole it too…which cell would you like the one on the left or the one on the right….thieves in arms!

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