okay, so we all know men are babies at heart.

in fact, it’s well documented that not one single man on the planet has ever actually survived a case of the man flu. poor dears.

but some freaking lunatic genius has had the very best idea of all, it might even beat whoever thought of electricity.

he’s built this website – (my amazing art director managed to stumble across this awesome site and for that i am eternally grateful.)

this is what he does:

he takes pictures like this:

aw sweet – a man and his baby, what can be cuter?

and he does this:

yup he swaps the man’s head with the baby’s head. crazy mother fucker!

this is how it works. dads/uncles/men people – you just email this guy a picture of you with your baby (and fifteen bucks!) and he’ll do it for you, or comp your picture yourself (according to their quite strict guidelines) and they’ll post it for free on ‘Your Turn Tuesday’.

and of course you can get your pic printed on a t-shirt/mug/the moon too if you want.

here are a few off the site:

who’s a good little thirty six year old then? coochy coochy coo!

bwahahahahahahahaha *breathe* bwahahahahahahahahaha!

i love the bib on dad, that just does it for me. it’s for the sea sickness you see, he has terrible reflux.

it’s just so brilliant and weird and crazy, and creepy and funny, all at the same time.

ahhh that one above is easily my favourite. baby only just got dad to sleep when the dog started barking.

okay, the stubble must have been lots of hard work, but it kind of creeps me out. the strange thing in the pic above is that dad actually looks more like baby than baby. and what’s with the gynormous ears on that baby? dumbo much?
ooooh baby is not happy about having to schlep around toy kingdom all day, but dad is having a jolly fine time! next if he’s good, maybe baby will push dad on the swings.

ah yes, tattooed baby. my favourite kind.

like father, like son, right?

and of course no series of father son pics would be complete without the matchy matchy one. mom’s just outside this shot. she’s the one who insisted on the matching check shirts. she thought it would be ‘cute’.

dad and manbaby share a beer. ah those are the fondest memories. right before dadbaby crapped in his pants.

yay, another matchy, matchy. you go mum!

hello princess. who’s a pretty little manbaby then?

wahahahahah rambobaby.

if i told you i had this idea to swap babies and dad’s heads in pictures that people pay to submit, you would tell me to go see a doctor and get my head checked for some kind of syphilis-induced craziness, but it works, right? it really really works. how brilliant!

2 responses to “manbabies”

  1. peatree says:

    Kyle seemed to find this post even funnier than I did…

  2. Ninnles says:

    What would the world be like without people like you out there to find all this weird, hysterical and sometimes unsettling stuff. In this case I think it’s just funny!

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