man down

we lost a follower.

do you think it was the tampon art or the religious dildos that did it? or maybe those ever offensive LOLcats?

whoever you are who used to follow and has now left, i’m sorry if i offended you.

you will be missed.


7 responses to “man down”

  1. Okay Jules, i went to go check out that site. That’s madness! what’s so christian about it? i don’t get it.
    it’s like just cos they say it’s okay, it’s okay. how bizarre!

  2. well now behind closed doors and in the sanctuary of marriage one may choose to, bang your hoe proper like the good lord permits, hence you need the good banging stuff supplied by the Christian folk at

  3. my facebook periodically does that to me. its exhausting trawling through all your pals to see who defaced you!

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