james christopher rocks.

james christopher, i bet if you tried, you could walk on water.

i was surfing the net, and i ffffound this guy. his name is james christopher, he lives in LA and he’s a photographer of epic proportions.

he took this, my new blog title picture, and most favourite thing in the whole wide world right now, even more so than shoes:

i just never want to stop looking at it.

he lives here.

here are a few more. just because they’re too amazing not to share, and i suppose it is artsy fartsy friday after all. (you would think that as a writer, i might have come up with a better name for ‘artsy fartsy friday’, but no, sorry that’s it.)

i don’t know about you, but i photograph my private parts at the dairy farm all the time.

oh and remember that time we all went out to the desert and sat naked in old armchairs?

no seriously, man i love them.

well, that makes my friday happy. i hope yours is too.

(aside: i’ve decided, i’m going to phone that lazer hair removal place in the post below a little later today. i just have too many questions i need answered. i’ll let you know what they say.)

2 responses to “james christopher rocks.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    red hair freckles….my secret passion

  2. Paige says:

    not so secret now.

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