it's not easy being a model.

i’m not joking, it really isn’t. it’s damn hard work!

i know this because some of my best friends are models. some are even supermodels. but i’m not going to name drop, let’s just get on with this post.

i stumbled across a new magazine in cape town the other day. it’s called max and it’s an industry mag that the modelling agencies are using to showcase their models.

here’s the cover of the first issue:

i think it’s a good idea.

lot’s of people think it’s very easy to be a model. but it’s not. it’s very hard. you have to be very pretty and thin, and very resillient, and take rejection well, and go to zillions of castings, and be very good at standing still and not eating and having your hair look nice, even when it’s raining outside. seriously i really do have a lot of respect for great models. it’s hard, tedious, challenging work.

you have to be able to strike lots of different poses, and understand how to control and move every inch of your body, and have a very expressive face.

look here, this is one of the models they are showcasing.

this is her looking pensive:

(and maybe needing a wee?)

then this is her looking happy:

(and maybe a little crampy?)

and then this is her looking sad:
(and also maybe lifting her leg, because she had to fart. i’m guessing they didn’t have any ‘nice’ brand toilets on set.)

look at that face, it’s amazing. she’s like a chameleon with all those different facial expressions.

see, it’s not easy being a model. not only do you need to be able to pose and hold it in well if you need the loo, but you also need to be incredibly tough and commited and hard core. i couldn’t do it, no really, nobody wants to see that, and even if they did, i’m not nearly tough enough to make it in that industry.

look, this girl is amazing, she got stung on the bottom lip by a bee on her way to the shoot, and still managed to put in a full day’s work in front of the camera. she’s one tough cookie.

shame, i hope she got something to put on that to bring down the swelling, it must have been excrutiating. i’ve heard bicarb works really well on bee stings. get well soon pretty model.

*ok yes, you’re right, i’m nasty cos i’m jealous.

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