it's fight club

april 27th. freedom day.
an important day in south africa’s history.
on this fateful day in 1994 we had our first free and fair election.
man it was cool.

but 16 years on (has it really been that long?) we might be making a bit of a pigfuck out of this whole thing.

i’m sure it’s just a temporary diversion and we’ll be back on track shortly.
but until then i thought it was time for fight club:

have you ever checked out google fight?
it’s a website i dig.
here’s the basic template:

see you just type in keyword #1 and keyword #2 of two people/things/characters/shows/whatever you’d like to see fight it out, and then click on ‘make a fight’ and see who wins.

the results are based on the most searched item of the two on the internet.

so considering our current political climate (chilly with rain) i thought the following match would be apt:

in the red corner:


in the stupid corner, oops i mean in the blue corner:

personally i’d like to knee malema in the nuts myself, but since that’s not possible, i thought i’d pit him up against someone his own size.

okay boys, let’s make it a clean fight (yeah who are we kidding about that):

ding ding.

by a landslide.

i’m just sayin’:

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5 responses to “it's fight club”

  1. bwahahahahaha bwahahahahahahahaha at last i beat you at something. man that’s funny.

    how are we doing on the follower count, wait i’m heading over to juztick now…

    125… and counting. we’re neck and neckish as usual.

  2. is it wrong to admit that i had to look up the word luddite?

    see you’re way too smart for me.

    Lud·dite   /ˈlʌdaɪt/ Show Spelled[luhd-ahyt] Show IPA
    a member of any of various bands of workers in England (1811–16) organized to destroy manufacturing machinery, under the belief that its use diminished employment.

    see every day is a school day, as my good friend wallace always used to say.

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