invention #2 – 'top chef' restaurant

ok here’s the second installment in a new series here on the blog, called ‘inventions’.

if you were off getting blown by a hooker and missed the first installment, it’s over here.

so i’m a big fan of reality tv, and that’s where this idea comes from.

someone, preferably the guys who do the ‘top chef’ show, should open a ‘top chef’ restaurant franchise.

in it they should only serve all the different amazing/interesting/losing and winning dishes from all the different seasons:

ie: hung’s duck, casey’s shrimp starter etc.

on the menu they could have the picture of the contestant and their dish next to the descriptor, so you know what you’re ordering, and to jog your memory about which season it was from and which challenge etc.

chefs from the various seasons could guest chef in the restaurant. i think it would draw in the crowds.

or is your idea for an invention better?

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