internet dating time again

ok so just because i haven’t written about the internet dating scene for a while, doesn’t mean i haven’t been out there getting to know some new fabulous freaks and lunatics.

the problem i find with many of the profiles i come across on the internet dating website is not that there’s anything wrong with these guys. on the whole they seem like decent, relatively normal blokes. i just think a lot of them come online and make silly rookie mistakes.

like this guy:

he’s uncut is he? that’s something i might have waited till the end of the third date to find out about.

what about this guy:

ok so he loves ‘EXSTREEM SPORTS’ and shouting, a little less crazy about spelling as a hobby i see, but i can deal with that. but wait, what do we have here? turns out he’s a dealer. hmmm, i wonder arms or drugs?
also big on ‘love party,s’ – keeper!

here’s another one. this guy might also be a drug dealer. or a plumber. i’m not entirely sure what kind of crack he’s referring to.

speaking of rookie mistakes:

a govt official…. reeeeeeaaaaaaalllly now. looking for a proffessional…. reeeheeheeeheeally!

and it’s not just the blokes who’ve been known to make the odd rookie mistake.

hello ladies:

chick, is ‘your parents will dig me’ really what you want to lead with? you sure? i never really thought that was important to a guy, but hey, whatever works for you, right?

you “have lots friend i love and adore!!” – just the one friend then?

and finally:

not entirely sure what this lady is looking for, maybe a congregation? it seems she already has a boyfriend. her and this christ guy seem pretty tight.

so yeah, you see, they’re not really bad people (except for maybe the govt. minister who’s allergic to punctuation), i just don’t think i can date any of them.

4 responses to “internet dating time again”

  1. Thank you for posting these. So many tempting offers.

    I’m thinking your third fella must be Irish. crack = craic = good time / fun / party.

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