in which juz gets food poisoning

happy hangover sunday.

here’s to hardegat monday.
ps: more of these, here.

4 responses to “in which juz gets food poisoning”

  1. I’m loving these cartoons!
    Are they only on the web at the moment?

    Young writer man.

  2. Paige says:

    hi andrew, i don’t know, but that’s a good question. let’s ask the artist himself.
    Hey Juz, come on over and answer our questions please.

  3. Juz says:

    Hi Andrew and Paige,
    Yes they are only on the web at the moment. I give framed personalised ones as gifts, but that’s about it. I would like to grow the boozy blog – and am open to any suggestions. Thanks for reading ’em. 🙂

  4. Maybe you should approach the ‘Big Issue’ they need a comic that is actually funny. Its a simple launch pad for your cool comic. Large cirulation and more peolpe can read it.

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