I nearly dyed.

Since Sunday’s column was about pets, I thought I’d continue in the theme of mad pets, with this post.

This is all the rage in China.

People are totally getting into dying their pets to make them look like other animals.
Woofing Hilarious.
Check out Panda dog:

And tiger dog:

These dogs must get terribly confused.

Do they want to hunt and kill a small buck?

Or do they suddenly get a craving to gnaw on a stick of bamboo?

I don’t understand, if they wanted a panda or a tiger, why did they get a dog in the first place?

Hey, why stop there? We could do this next:
Poachers are that stupid, it may actually work. ‘Ah no rhino here. Nothing to see, let’s move on.’
Lions will FREAK out.
LION 1: Wait, hold on a second, my zebra tastes funny!
LION 2: I told you not to hunt down at the watering hole. You should have tasted the weird Panda I picked up down there last week.
Somehow I don’t think a student in vet tech school would agree with this practice.

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  1. Any says:

    i really hate to admit it, but i think the panda dog looks really cute. better than the dog would normally look. but then again, i just really like pandas more than little fluffy dogs.

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