i have hate.

it’s a pretty new emotion for me. i don’t think i’ve ever actually hated before. i mean i know i’ve disliked.
like i disliked ‘mr perfect’ when he dumped me to go back to his ex girlfriend. and i disliked it when i found my cleaning lady’s hairs in my comb. but i’ve never actually hated someone proper, until now.

let’s call him ‘mr whore’. he’s one of those hateful people who simply makes it impossible to like him. i’m telling you, mother teresa would have a hard time plastering on a smile in his presence. i met him through a volunteer committee i was on, and after a couple of months i promptly resigned, i just couldn’t stick his unbearableness anymore. and like all good nemesis he even has a sidekick, ‘the poisoned dwarf’. together they run around being bastards and shitheads and causing general dislike wherever they go.

when we were kids and we used to say things like ‘i hate aubergines’ my mom would say, ‘now, there’s no such thing as hate, you can say you dislike it.’ so we would run around the house bleating: ‘i dislike aubergines.’

30 years later i finally get what she was saying, hate is an incredibly strong emotion. one that should be saved for poisonous little control-freak pricks like mr whore, the poisoned dwarf, and hitler, and not wasted on poor innocent aubergines, homework and brussel sprouts.

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