i am a massive asshole!

yesterday at approximately 5:55pm my computer executed a coup.

first it crashed, then it refused to restart.

what i didn’t realise till this morning was that it somehow, unbeknownst to me, managed to send a string of personal emails between a friend and i off to a third party.

and here’s the part that makes me a massive, unforgivable asshole, and butt of karma’s bad joke. the third party that my computer somehow decided to send this mail off to works for the very company whose ad we were carelessly badmouthing in the string of emails.

but no wait there’s more, just incase i wasn’t asshole enough for you. the people who work at this company and have now been unnecesarily abused and offended by me are actually people who i love. they are important to me in more ways than i can find the words for. which makes this the hiroshima of fuck ups in my world.

these events are impossible to explain. the third party my computer sent the email to isn’t even in my list of contacts, and my computer ‘sent’ doesn’t show it up. but somehow it went. and i’m massively sorry. please forgive me.

this just in: looks like some fuckhead of monumental proportions (and i now know who you are!) hacked into my mail and forwarded my personal email on to the third party. i suppose having ‘password’ for my password might have been my first mistake. anyway ‘mr fuckhead of monumental proportions’, karma is a bitch (as we’ve all learnt today) and she’ll be coming for you next.

3 responses to “i am a massive asshole!”

  1. Jack Frost & Blind Boy Grunt says:

    Hey Paige… don’t sweat it (too much).
    We still love you.

  2. Emma Jackson says:

    Hmm, we’ve all been there. Every last one of us… Some kind of karmic thing I reckon? Could be worse!

  3. lisa says:

    Wow hun, that sucks. I’m sure they’ll forgive you – we’re all just human at the end of the day.
    I once IMd something along the lines of “thank GOD you are my team leader and not Y. I can hear her right now going off at one of her team. What a cow”. Except I actually IM’d it to the Y. in question instead of my TL. That was a fun day at the office.

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