House of meat

So there I was surfing around the net yesterday, wondering what the hell to blog about, when I came across a house made out of meat! Yes folks, that’s where we’re at now. Domicile’s made out of animals. Wow.

Anyway, so before I clicked through to check it out, being as I have a strange type of over-active imagination, I instantly imagined something like this:

Or like this:

And then I thought if there was a house made of meat, then the resident would most certainly be Lady Gaga and her posse:

And when she wasn’t dressed for the red carpet and was just hanging around in her meat house, she’d wear these:

But my imagination was not accurate at all.

Here’s the actual meat house (found here):

I know, that doesn’t look like meat at all. Maybe a bit bacony, but not really.

And this is what they have to say about it:

From a boundary-pushing team of archi-visionaries comes a new (and somewhat disgusting) way to grow a structure — using animal flesh! The In Vitro Meat Habitat is a futuristic concept home composed of meat cells grown in a lab. We can’t imagine that these residences are going be replacing suburban tract homes anytime soon, but it sure is a provocative idea! The creator of the concept, Mitchell Joachim, is a futurist with a twist– he says he is actually developing the concept in a lab.

That last sentence should actually read… ‘Mitchell Joachim, is a freak, with a twisted mind, and too much time on his hands, who should maybe consider working in his lab on solving a real problem…’

Anyway so it’s not as much a meat house as I had imagined, but still. WHY? I didn’t know we were having a problem with bricks!

Fab weekend everybody.

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  1. Ang! says:

    You should have a ‘sis’ button at the bottom of your posts! How things my friend? 🙂

  2. Dinx says:

    and bwahahahaha.

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