hot vs cold

i have this lovely friend, chryssa. she is a sun bunny. me however, not so much. in fact that’s me on the right.
she sent me this gorgeous illie.
it kind of sums up today in cape town perfectly.
bring on the rain.

4 responses to “hot vs cold”

  1. Wicked Shawn says:

    Cute illustration. Maybe she could make me one of the sun beating the crap out of some snow clouds???? 🙂

  2. Juz says:

    Jees! I haven’t been blogging or reading blogs for so long. Work – you know.
    Love the post about word/code verification.
    ha ha.

  3. chryssa says:

    grrrr… rain a cocup.

    p.s i didn’t make it, just stole if from the internettie. my apologies to the artist.

  4. Paige says:

    oh sorry does look a bit like i’m crediting the wonderful, fabulous, gorgeous chryssa with the design of the sun and the rain. apologies to internettie and tha actual artist from me too.

    and thanks to chryssa for sourcing such a thing of fabulousness.

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