Homemade condoms, really?

Whatever next? You ask yourself when you think you’ve seen it all.

Then Chris, from Somerset West, sends you this picture in response to your latest column in the Sunday Times, which is all about The Condom Conundrum (Who should supply it, when is the right moment to pull it out, etc etc):

He snapped the pic on an Island in Thailand (of course)

and then you think, ah yes of course. That’s what’s next.

Condoms that are not only homemade (ahem, excuse me, but how?) but also have a 20 year guarantee. I mean I’ve had some dry spells in my time, but that’s ridiculous. Only twelve year olds should have to carry condoms around in their wallet unused for long stretches of time, and even then hopefully for only five to ten years at the very most.

And then furthermore, if you buy ten you get one free! Well if they’re sitting around for 20 years or longer, I’m not sure that you’ll be needing them in those kinds of humongous quantities, would you? Unless the eventual release after all that time is… yes, let’s not go there.

And the sign also boasts ‘free Pepsi, free chocolate and free beer’. That’s some fucked up kind of shop.

Thank you Chris, from Somerset West. You made my Tuesday.

3 responses to “Homemade condoms, really?”

  1. angie says:

    hahah funny! and extremely dodgy.

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