herpes anybody?

does the fact that i find this extremely funny make me a bad person?

a while ago we had ‘date week’ here at A Million Miles, but somehow in all the excitement of a trekkie dating website and a dna matching dating website, i missed this gem.

there is a dating website out there for people with Herpes.

oh yes there is, it’s called – herpesloving.com.
you may not know about it because you probably don’t have herpes yourself, that you know of.

but according to their pay off line, it’s:

see, look at this happy foursome below, they all have herpes, but it didn’t stop them getting together for a massive gang bang. (which is maybe how they got the herpes in the first place? I’m just sayin‘.)

proof that just because you have genital herpes, doesn’t mean you’re out of the dating game all together.

200 – 400 million people worldwide have herpes. fuck me. or actually rather not.
oh dear.
oh very dear.
but look, this is the part that really got me. when you sign up (for free) at herpesloving.com these are some of the services you get:

STD greeting cards? really? what kind of sick joke is that?

they wouldn’t let me click through to check them out myself, probably because i don’t have herpes, unlucky me. so i had to make up a couple myself:

well what else could STD greeting cards be?

Happy Crabs Day,
wishing you a Very Merry Syphilis,
and a happy new year.

6 responses to “herpes anybody?”

  1. Liquid pixel says:

    Hilarious!! Did you ever see that informational STD video at school with Aunty Syph and Uncle Gonny? A true gem. Almost as good as ‘My body’s nobody’s body but mine…’

  2. Peatree says:

    Nothing could EVER be as good as ‘my body’s nobody’s body but mine…” we sang that for MONTHS after we saw it in Youth Preparedness… 🙂 I still sing it to my toddler son now … 2 + decades later…

  3. Nik_TheGreek says:

    That is so sad and hilarious at the same time… I just can’t believe it…

  4. Liquid pixel says:

    Gawd, Peatree, I know! We sang it for the longest time afterwards – and apparently they still show it in schools…

  5. Alwill says:

    you are not serious. the website is one thing, but the greeting cards!! I am lolzing uncontrollably!

  6. Paige says:

    aunty syph and uncle gonny! that’s fricken crazy. we never saw those!

    we were deprived!

    i wonder who makes those school documentary type things on std’s and stuff? they must have such fun. i remember the one on smoking that they showed with the black lung. that was awesome.

    Alwill, i made those up. but i’m sure that’s exactly the kind of thing they hand out.

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