Here's a tip…

Tipping these days is complicated.

I’m a big tipper myself. Partly because I spent much of my youth as a waitress and partly because I’m so bad at maths that i generally just do a big round up in the waiter’s favour.
Here’s an awesome new tumblr site, that’s quite funny.

It’s called 15%.

and here’s their vibe:

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You can go there and upload examples of bad tips you’ve been lucky enough to recieve. Like this one:

What kind of knobhead only tips 79c?
Shame, I guess this douchebag could only afford a 2 buck tip on a 74 buck bill, cos he needs all his money to go buy a new pen. (And maybe some generosity?)

Tipping, it’s such a strange thing. You tip a car guard, but not a paid security guard. You tip a waiter in a sushi restaurant, but not the sushi maker?

And then of course there’s the whole tip based on performance thing, which adds a whole new level of confusion.

And the hairdresser? Don’t even get me started. Who do you tip? There’s the hair washer, the hair dryer, the tea maker, the ghd-er? And what about the actual hair dresser? Who gets the tip? Just one of them? Or all of them? And if that’s the case do you divide your original tip into four, or do you have to up your tippage? It’s all very complicated.

In my mind, the only good tip is that you should look both ways before you cross the street, floss regularly, drink whisky, and figure the rest out as you go along.

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  1. I used to waitress when I was young and single. I had a full time day job and night time waitressing job to help pay the bills.

    Back then it was 10% tip but my experience was people to smoked and drank tipped more. Therefore, I always requested the smoking section of the restaurant to wait tables at.

    Sorry to the non-smokers and teetotalers but it was FACT in our steak house that smokers and drinkers tipped more. At least 20% for a job well done. If you fucked it up, kiss your tip goodbye.

  2. any says:

    I used to waitress as well before college and always tried my utter best to be friendly, fun and efficent even to the assholes. Therefore these days it really annoys me if you go places and get crap service and are expected to tip well. I have lived in the States for long so I know that in a lot of countries you are basically just tipping to get your food delivered, but still – if someone is not friendly I will keep the tip to a minimum and vice versa.

  3. Paige says:

    Hey @any and @daftscotslass – Do you think ex-waitresses are like ex-smokers? Totally vigilant and passionate about their cause.

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