hello three new followers

we’ve got three new followers – jop and charis and ‘the other paige’ to say howzit to.
and nothing says hello quite like a waving kitten, right?
or is that lady just strangling it to death by crushing it’s windpipe, and it’s pleading for help with tiny little mews. either way.

you may or may not know this, but Juz and i are in a duel to the death. sadly he’s winning.

hey, maybe i can take my death by whiskey, or death by chocolate?

we’re competing to see who hits 100 followers faster. i’m on 86 and he’s on 91. i’m starting to feel particularly grateful that i didn’t bet my liver. yeah, i’m getting a beating, but who’s to say i’m not taking a beating on purpose. maybe i like it.

no actually that’s bullshit, i don’t. so big happy shit-eating grin (what a strange saying) hellos to Jop and Charis and ‘the other paige’ (who just happens to be one of my very original readers). I like you all very very much.
alright, enough blathering. i’m heading back to finish up with friday, deep breath people.

4 responses to “hello three new followers”

  1. heya, Wannabe Virginia W, i had a couple of those meltdowns myself yesterday. must have been something in the tides or something.
    i really enjoyed your blog (http://bacardiandbotox.blogspot.com/), and the list of blogs you follow kept me busy for ages, there’s some great stuff in there, thank you!

  2. ah you see, everyday is a school day. there i was thinking it meant:

    Giant Leopards Blindly Travelling through Quebec.

    i suppose gays, lesbians, bisexual, transexuals etc makes way more sense.


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