Hair week.

Had a fabulous dinner with my girlfriends this weekend.
Your ears must have been burning because we talked about every single one of you.

We also looked at some crazy shit that Bernie pulled out of her cell phone.

So I thought since hair and the removal thereof seems to be the topic of the week, I’d share these for a laugh.

Pants with built in hair.
Yeah baby, the bush is back!

And the heggings (hair leggings) to match.

You gotta love it.

I’m fascinated by the hair growth on this vest.

It feels awfully specific, don’t you think?

Body hair is weird.

Why is it that hair on one’s arm or head is acceptable, but not so much on one’s back?

and why do guys get to have hair on their face and underarms, but women can’t?

The world is a mighty strange place, we just live in it.

2 responses to “Hair week.”

  1. I dont mind underarm hair (in married life theres usually a quarter inch of that going on anyway) but would definitely balk at a tache on my lady.

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