Going gaga for gadgets

Technology is radical. And yes, I’m addicted. If you think about what we have now that we didn’t have ten years ago. Even two years ago.

It kind of makes you wonder where we’re going to be in five years time?

I go gaga for a gadget.

Not because I NEED any of it, but purely for the want of it.

And so you can only imagine the salivation at this:

It’s called The Everpurse, and from what I can gather from the web, it’s under construction, but coming soon to your local iNeedThatNow store.

Basically it’s an entirely wireless purse that charges your phone and gadgets on the go.

The purse takes about six hours on a charging pad before its fully juiced and ready to zap your gadgets into power.

It works by magic.

Not really. Here’s the inventors blurb:

It works by using the Qi standard for inductive charging of the Everpurse battery.

Whatever that means. iDon’t care how it works iWants it.

Not because I have any real use for it, you understand, but just because. It’s the same reason I want a pony, and a hundred glitter pens.

More company blurb: Within the Everpurse itself, there are no wires, but there is a dock. You slip your phone in and gravity takes care of the rest, plugging in the phone and getting it charging. And it only weighs 6 ounces.

And so that the dudes aren’t put off, they’ll make the purse in black too, and market it as a Murse. Genius.

But wait, here’s the even radder part. Next in the pipeline, they want to create suit jackets and pants that do the same thing.

Yup the wild inventions train is leaving the station, all aboard.

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