Go away, I'm reading.

My good friend, The Design Goddess, sent me this a while ago:

I seriously love it.
It reminds me of these paintings I saw in Amsterdam last year:

I apologise for the bad quality of the pics, but the art was on the inside of the gallery and I was on the outside.

I would have bought one or two or three of them, but I only saw them the night before I left the city and the gallery was already closed.
So they will forever live on in my memory, instead of in my lounge, where they belong.
I was going to review a book in this post, but work has piled up and to tell you the truth I haven’t quite finished reading it yet. So anyone else want to review a book? What are you reading right now?
I’m busy with this:
review to follow at some point in the hopefully not to distant future

Have you read it yet?
And then when I’m done these are some of the books I’ve got lined up, just begging to be read:
This last one I borrowed from my friend and colleage ‘Big Mike Dallas’ because I’ve been wanting to read it for ages, so when he told me he had it I begged him to loan it to me.
But now I’m kind of regretting it, because it’s the first time I’ve loaned a book from him, so I want to establish myself as a ‘good book borrower’, but suddenly I’m innundated with a pile of work and other books I HAVE to read first. Sods-fricken-law, right.
Now he’s going to think I’m one of those ‘bad book borrowers’ who takes forever to return books, and cracks the spine. Damn!
You have books to read, you say? Right, one cold and rainy weekend coming up.

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