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It’s been ages since we (and by we, I guess I mean me) did a giveaway here at A Million Miles from Normal. And yesterday I got given a wonderful gift pack from Douwe Egberts, a company who has been making superior coffees for over 250 years. Sheesh, that’s a long time. They must be very tired, although still quite wide awake at the same time.

Since I haven’t had a cup of coffee since 1999, I fear that if I had to take even just one sip, my head would explode. So I thought I’d give this 100g jar of medium roasted Pure Gold to one of you lot.

And since you’ll be up all night anyway, I thought I’d throw in a copy of my new book This Way Up, too.

So while you’re bouncing off the walls on a superior coffee high, you’ll at least have something good to read.

I’m afraid this giveaway is for Capetonians only. (Sorry!)

To be the winner-winner, tell me in the comments section below why you want the book and need the coffee, (or for extra brownie points you could just throw in a dodgy dating/sex story instead, you know how I love those!)

Good luck, I’ll post the winner on the blog next week friday morning, very first thing.

14 responses to “Free stuff!”

  1. FarmGirl says:

    Oh Page! This is the coolest give away. Both are things I love. Addicted to coffee. Drink about 6 cups a day and I spend most of my E-Bucks on books.

    Hmmm sex story….. Nah, I’ll tell the world about that when I write my memoires one day 😉

  2. david says:

    Douwe Egberts makes the best coffee and tobacco in the world, indubitably (its what i drink).
    And you dear Paige are the bestest best writer in the world, a whole book full of your writing would be superlative … especially in front of the fire in this cold.
    Of course, if i had YOU instead of the book then we could make our own sex story, no? Not a dodgy one though, those are ughy 😉
    Just a damned shame about me not being in Cape Town 🙁
    Hehehe peace and love and hot coffee 😉

  3. vanessa says:

    As I am probably the only person still left in Cape Town without a Kindle, I would love a hard copy of the book. Besides that I love your books! The coffee would be for my husband who thinks he is a coffee connoisseur and this would be a great gift for him!

  4. Hello,

    I would absolutely LOVE to win a copy of your book and that delicious coffee! I have been dying to read it, but have been too disorganised to get my grubby paws on a copy.
    Little Miss Medic would never share her sex stories, that is why I have the stories of other’s to share. Here’s a little taster of what my week can be like at times….


  5. LMAL82 says:

    Miss Paige.
    I am totally addicted to your blog, your books and your twitter findings. I wasn’t a great reader before. Last book took me three years to get half way through, but I polished off “Million miles from normal” in less than one week. I identified, I loved it, I want more! I’m waiting ever-so-patiently for my birthday in 3 weeks time for what I hope has been a thorough hint to the boyfriend for “This way up”, but I would love to crack it sooner, sipping on a delicious cup of Douwe Egberts coffee.

    Sex stories? A true lady never tells. However, I might become less of one after a glass or two of vino and tell all.

    WANT the book, NEED the coffee. Me please 😉

  6. Janice says:

    My darling sister Paige – I advertise and punt for you day in and day out. I drink buckets and buckets of coffee every day – anything to stay sane whilst parenting a trying teenager. If I get another copy of your book I will pass it onto someone who will truey enjoy it.
    Pretty pretty please, I love you my little sister – send the gift my way.
    On the dodgy story front, my life has been devoid of dodgy excitement for way too long so sadly I can’t fill that criteria.

  7. Paige says:

    Oh bugger! Now i’ve done it. So many lekker responses. May have to call in a professional to help choose a winner next week. Like Deloitte & Touche, or who are the guys they use for the Oscars? Anderson Cooper or something. The guys with the briefcases and calculators.
    Keep the entries coming in. We’ll call it end of day Thursday, winner announced Friday.
    And I’ll throw in a copy of A Million Miles from Normal for the second place winner.

  8. Firstly, congratulations on your new book! I was taking my weekly walk around Wordsworth and there your name on the cover was! So excited! Will def be letting people know that there is another winsome novel from our very own Capetonian author!

  9. Jacci says:

    ooh please pick me!
    i need the coffee to stay awake, as i’m the mom who goes out at 2am (or worse) to fetch my kids every weekend. reading your fabulous book would make the waiting up far more enjoyable.

  10. anib79 says:

    Well I have the original copy of your 1st book that I absolutely loved and am really sorry I never got the chance to get it signed when I briefly saw you at some event.

    Your last book kept me up all night giggling, so I’m sure I’m going to need the coffee to get through your second book too. And no sex stories… so really do need something warm at night. 😉

  11. Anonymous says:

    if you let me win i will smear my lover in coffee tar and feather him with all the pages of the book i have already read.
    maybe I’ll post the pictures on your blog. or film it for youtube

  12. Cathy says:

    The truth be told…..
    I have never read one of your books BUT would love to dive into the world of Paige Nick.
    Stories…. I have a PLENTY! But that will be my book one day…
    The coffee will be my trophy which I shall put next to my kids clay art and tell everyone that I WON it. Oh and it feels so good to win!!! 😉

  13. LadyRaven says:

    I want the book because I devoured your last one and also I need something good to read other than pregnancy books. I need the coffee so my husband can stay awake to look after baba at night while I catch up on the sleep I am missing now having to go pee 12 times a night

  14. I’m upset that I’m not a Capetonian *humph*

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