Fork you all!

I am going to be a bajillionaire! I am going to have so much money, I’ll have to install a solid gold toilet. Only because I’ll have run out of more practical things to spend my cash on, like baby giraffes and couches made of money.

I had an idea for an invention… okay, bear with me.

it’s a fork right:

Just like any other kind of fork.

Except this one is specially for pasta.

See, we’ll install a small battery operated motor and when you turn it on, the head of the fork will spin and twirl the pasta onto it for you.

Genius, amazing, incredible, sign me up. Just haul that big old truck full of money right up to my front door.

Oh wait, what’s that you say? A couple of people have already thought of it.

Bob Balow invented this one.



Right then, I guess it’s back to earning the medium sized cents then.

Good thing. Who wants a gold toilet anyway? Rich, showoff douchebags!

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