dating in finland.

i’ve had some strange guys (and girls) ask me out over the years on the dating website. but this one is right up there.

this guy is from finland, and he thinks we might make a good match:

actually he’s from Forssa (loppi), Kanta-Häme, to be precise.

which, according to wikipedia, is apparently over here:

i mean i know one should go to great lengths to meet ones perfect match, but finland just seems like ten lengths too far.

hmmmm. how does he see this one working out? a first date for me usually consists of grabbing a drink or a cup of coffee together. not really flying thousands of miles to a very cold country and going ice-fishing. unless of course he plans on coming here? we haven’t really gotten to those finer details yet.

that’s what i love about internet dating, you never really know who/what is going to pop up in your inbox on any given day.

interesting to note that i’m a 90% match for him. perhaps i should give him another look.

here’s his narrative:

he says: ‘i like cooking and coulers’ – any thoughts here? curlers/coolers/cultures/cougars?

well i suppose i do like to think i ‘be intelligent, funy and interesting to adventuer’ – so maybe we could be a match after all and i shouldn’t be so judgemental, just because he lives in finland.

hey, you never know… i know an anna from finland, and she’s a sweetheart. (wonder if she knows this guy?)

anyone know how to say: ‘your place or mine’ in finnish?
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  1. paikkasi tai minun…i think!!!!
    or Onko sinulla poroja, koska en syö lihaa kuin Joulupukki on idiootti!

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