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Okay all you hedonistic, heathens, it can’t always just be fun and games and sex and drugs and rock and roll and penises and freaks and lunatics, here at A Million Miles from Normal. Sometimes there has to be a little bit of culture, I’m afraid. Like if you eat your brocolli, then you can have some ice cream. So, here’s some delicious brocolli.

Meet Mitsuru Koga.
He’s an artist who makes incredible things. Like these tiny weeny little vases, made out of pebbles he finds on the beach.

They’re quite astonishing when you think of the scale of them. If you feel like getting crazy-zen, read this, it’s his thinking behind the concept. Click on it and it should go bigger.
He also makes these stunning carved leaves:

I really heart them. So delicate.

and as if this dude isn’t smart enough, he makes these too, using driftwood:

Hey, why didn’t I think of that? So beautiful.

And look, this is deep too:

A rock within a rock. That’s deep.

Respect dude, your work is awesome.

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