Creepy dolls

My wonderful friend, Matt, emailed me this picture:
He lives in the UK, and he found this doll at a car boot sale.
He said it made him think of me. I’m hoping that’s because that doll’s name is Paige, and my name is Paige. And not because he thinks I wear oddly patterned dresses, or I never brush my hair, or I have a plastic smile and nothing to really speak of under my dress. (i’m just assuming she’s doll-like under there, although I may be wrong.)
Matt says she cost five squid, so she was a little on the dear side so he didn’t buy me. I don’t blame him, I always have been rather expensive.
Anyway it got me thinking, and i ended up googling ‘Crazy dolls’. Now trust me, and please learn from my mistakes you DO NOT want to google ‘Crazy dolls’, ever! There is some seriously scary shit on there.
Like seriously, poop your pants, never sleep again, scary.
Don’t worry, I won’t show you any of that. But I do like a bit of crazy, so here was the crazy I found in amongst Tim Burton’s worst nightmares.
There was this wierdo doll:
It’s a ‘Shave the Baby Doll’. What the fuck people? Inventors of this, you need to take your meds.
Here’s the other bit of crazy:
Nice coat rack.
If you’re a lunatic! Doing art projects! In an insane assylum!

5 responses to “Creepy dolls”

  1. david says:

    Actually, i like the coathangers.

    Maybe a doll’s head too, somewhere guarenteed to catch the corner of someone’s eye when they’re standing less than a metre away from it 😀

    peace 😉

  2. Paige says:

    i love how you ended that with ‘peace’ how ironic.

  3. I LOVE the coat rack. I’ve also seen one made from the heads of animal toys 🙂

  4. Coat rack would look good in student halls, I like it, but the ginger shaving doll, well im speechless on that matter… 😐

  5. Dinx says:

    So now I know what YOU do when you bored! LOL
    I actually have no words!

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