Crazy carpets

Today’s post has no sex in it. Zero, zip, fuckall.
There is no smut, no sies, no gross.
There are no prostitutes, vagina’s, or penises.
No freaks, no lunatics, no nudists.
I’m just warning you in case that’s what you look for in a good post, here at A Million Miles from Normal.
This post is pure art.
These guys are incredible.
Their site is over here and it’s called We Make Carpets.
And that’s pretty much what they do. They make carpets. Like this one:
Although there’s more to it than that. If you look a little closer, the carpets they make are all made out of household items. Check it, that one is actually made out of pegs:
I think it’s awesome, here are more:

I once made a necklace out of paperclips, but I should have been working, and it wasn’t all that pretty, and it had very little use as i was hardly going to wear it. These guys take this shit to a whole new level.

Plastic forks! Heart this one.

This one is called Forest Carpet:

If you visit their site they have a ton more photos of each carpet and a bunch of carpets I haven’t showcased here. It’s worth checking out.

Try making this next one before you’ve had your morning coffee.

According to their blog, they used different amounts of milk in each cup to create the shades.

This is an aerial shot:

And my favourite. I couldn’t guess what this one was made of until they showed a close up:

Lots of army mans. If i’d been involved in making this, I would have been the dork who knocked one in the middle over, right at the very end. Guaranteed.

I don’t know about you, but my old cotton balls go in the bin. Feel a bit ashamed now.
Love your work.
But you have to ask, do the carpet’s match the drapes? (Thought I’d put in a bit of smut somewhere.)

3 responses to “Crazy carpets”

  1. Pretty fucking artistic!!

  2. david says:

    Very nice stuff, the forest carpet is MINE!

    peace 😉

  3. Kaloo5 says:

    No porn around these parts.
    Aah well, at least you used the word ‘fuckall’ in the opening paragraph 😉
    I’ll take any smut I can get.

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