Close, but no gumball

Us humans are mutating. We’re becoming so smart that we’re close to outsmarting even ourselves.

I noticed this little installation in my hood the other day, but only made it there with my phoney-camera-www-savvy-thingy-contraption-doodad this evening.

It’s an installation, which is fancy adspeak for a big old 3D piece of brand communication, that literally has all the bells and whistles.

This one is for the Toyota Etios, which if I’m to believe what the advertising tells me, is a spunky little car, that will make you smile.

See they’ve converted this shop window into a sweet dispensing machine of happiness.
You tweet, using the hashtag #ettiossmiles and the secret code on the screen, and a gum ball drops out of the bowl, and then makes it’s way through the house of fun. There are a million little clever details, if you look closely. Even a keyboard. Must have been more fun than sex setting up this little puppy.

Your tweet makes the sweet drop out the bowl, which kicks the boot, which kicks the maracas…

which starts a chain reaction, causing the maracas to bash into a tambourine which sets off some lights flashing and xylophones zinging… etc etc… you get the picture…
…until it drops out through this hole, into your grubby little paw.
Except it didn’t. Sad face.
My gum ball got stuck here, before it had barely even begun it’s exciting journey:
It kind of made me feel like a kid outside a candy store.
But still, worky or no worky right now, I love the idea, and plan on going back another day for my gumball.
Thanks Toyota Ettios, you clever mutants.

7 responses to “Close, but no gumball”

  1. Whoa! That’s some pretty good advertising.
    Etios was launched by Toyota as an India-specific car, designed for our unbelievably horrendous roads. Their grille is shaped to look like the curve of a smile, and this had been majorly played during the ads here as well.

  2. Dear Unknown,
    there is no need to apologise, you’ve made a very lovely thing.
    I’m desperate to see what the little airline-thumb-pushing toys do at the very end bit.
    will go back tonight and give it a bash.

  3. A tweet can do all that? Does your doodah do video Paige? That’d be awesome ๐Ÿ˜€
    Seriously though, advertising HAS to become better, more than just a picture, this is very neat ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Hey – The machine is now working 100%, lets hope it stays that way!
    Thanks for the love, it is obviously a delicate thing but as it matures it gets more reliable. Unlike most adults.

  5. Very impressed with how far they have taken “Here to make you smile”, this is brilliant! Even the Etios.coza micro site is packed with smile content. Great post, I’ve linked to it, thanks.

  6. @David, i’ll have to go back with my doodah and get video. I recorded it not working the first time, so that’s no good. will get right on that.

    @Thinking, looking forward to giving it a another bash. Amazing work.

    @Adam, thanks for linking to me. I’d like to give you a free gumball as a thank you. Simply visit the above installation and follow the instructions to claim your free gumball from me.:) No seriously, thanks for the link love, it’s always appreciated.

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