chat roulette

oh where to begin? where to begin? will the freakishness never end?

i suppose as long as there is the internet there will be some weird freaky shit happening on it.

i am referring here to a site that’s just starting to hit its stride:

the concept is simple (all the best ones usually are) – basically it’s just chat roulette (duh).

as per below there are two windows, one is you sitting at your computer (you need a web cam of course) and one is someone else on their web cam.

and there is an area over there on the right for light typed banter.

all you do is click through from person to person until you find what you’re looking for. which is generally other people placed in various areas on the freaks and lunatics spectrum.

so cautiously i went onto chat roulette to check it out.

i was just so scared i was going to find someone jerking off.

or even worse. someone i know jerking off.

and of course i did. i only had to spin through about twenty different profiles before i came across (or he came across!) a guy sitting on his couch facing his computer (phew i didn’t know him) with his pants around his ankles. say no more…

i had planned on taking a screen grab, but i just couldn’t do it. i didn’t have the big match temperament and i shrieked and exited the screen immediately. sorry folks turns out i’m a wimp.

so i clicked through and i saw some boobs too. and also lots of rooms full of groups of teenagers looking out for freaks. they looked disappointed when all they saw was me staring back at them, also looking out for freaks. time to move onto the next person.

here are some funny real chat roulette frame grabs i nicked from here:

wahahahahhahaa that’s really funny. some people have way too much time on their hands. unless that guy really committed suicide, in which case… oh fuck!

obama and batman! that’s my favourite one.

teee heee. it’s true though, you really do feel like a pervert, just for being voyeuristic, even if you don’t flash your boobs.

ha ha, some clever clogs.

yeah that group of kids looking hopefully into the monitor, i saw a lot of that.

didn’t see anything like that though.

pretty cool. love it when folks get creative. wish i’d come across that one.

what’s going on there? don’t think i want to know.


hoooo boy.

verdict: – i’m digging it.

8 responses to “chat roulette”

  1. wahahahaha…
    this looks hilarious…
    You know I’ve created a bookmark folder called Paige with all the websites you’ve introduced us!
    What was life before you?

  2. Ah Nik, that’s one of the nicest things i’ve heard today. thank you.

    i just had a thought, if anyone manages to get a crazy screen shot from chat roulette, send it to me and i’ll post it on blog. would be cool to see some of the things people find.

    happy friday favourite people. x

  3. Chat roulette is like a parade of freaks, spin the wheel, find a new one. I laughed and thought, wow, I’m the only normal person on here. Then I was like, Oh Holy Hell, this probably means I”M NOT NORMAL EITHER. bwahahahahaha

  4. Chat Roulette is awesome and scary at the same time. You could have a few pervs and then some really awesome people. I had a great conversation with someone from France today.

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