Cats that look like Hitler

Okay so i wasn’t the first person to find this, in fact i wasn’t even the second or the third.

@BarryTuck @KimSchulze and @TheCrazyScott tweeted about it first, but it was too funny not to post about.

it’s a website where people post cats that look like Hitler.

here are a few, but go check it out for yourself, it’s hilarious.

this is the blurb on their site: Does your cat look like Adolf Hitler? Do you wake up in a cold sweat every night wondering if he’s going to up and invade Poland? Does he keep putting his right paw in the air while making a noise that sounds suspiciously like “Sieg Miaow”? If so, this is the website for you.

They call them Kitlers, get it, get it, cats that look like Hitler. Bwahahahahahhaa.

There are 5835 Kitlers posted, and counting. Next stop, world domination.


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