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  • You're going straight to hell for that

    How many photographs do you think exist around the world, in albums, on phones, on flash discs, and on memory cards, of people mimicking statues in museums, piazza’s, gardens and monuments while on holiday? I’m guessing millions and millions. Yes folks, it’s hilarious. Nobody else ever thought to do that before. You were the first. […]

  • Time for your annual Cat Scan.

    You can think about it all you want, but at some point you just have to accept the fact that some things on the Internet simply don’t have a reason for being. They are there just because, and they are awesome, and we are grateful, end of story. Like planking and meme’s and ripping off […]

  • The internet, a sick, twisted place I call home.

    Oh Internet, is there any sick, twisted, perverted activity that you won’t document or encourage? Take this thing that I recently found on you, dear Internet. Is it really necesary? Does it really help make the world go round? Look, it’s a ‘Squeaky clean Enema Pin Brooch’: Indeedy. Complete with ‘A beautifully handcrafted bronze derrier, […]

  • 5 things NOT to do when online dating

    so considering i’ve been lurking around an online dating website on and off for the last seven million years and i remain mostly single, i am aware that i may not be the best person to hand out advice about how to attract your soul mate online. but since those folks who have succeeded are […]

  • manbabies

    okay, so we all know men are babies at heart. in fact, it’s well documented that not one single man on the planet has ever actually survived a case of the man flu. poor dears. but some freaking lunatic genius has had the very best idea of all, it might even beat whoever thought of […]