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  • 200th follower celebrations

    A big warm welcome, hoezit, hellos, hiya to follower number 200, Janaina. (She has just started (literally just one post) a make-up blog, which looks like it could be very very cool, check it out if you get a sec. One day when her blog is famous then you can say you were one of […]

  • man down

    we lost a follower. do you think it was the tampon art or the religious dildos that did it? or maybe those ever offensive LOLcats? whoever you are who used to follow and has now left, i’m sorry if i offended you. you will be missed.

  • hello new followers

    just a quick welcome to the two new followers – cos that’s how we roll over here. we’re polite like that. so hello john (follower number 75) and hi there bubby (follower number 76). i’m so glad you’re both here. in fact as you can see, i’m happy in at least a dozen different languages. […]

  • at last we get to 69.

    to honour a little tradition here on a million miles, i like to say a personal hello to each new follower. partly cos i’m glad you’re here, but mainly cos i know what a complete ball ache it is to sign up as a follower here, and the fact that you were so committed and […]

  • hello wozzel

    welcome new follower and fellow blogger, wozzel.

  • happy new year

    happy new year favourite people who are reading this. and who are favourite people because you read this. also a big to our new follower, Ms Soulife. i am so happy to see you here that i will go out and drink a whole tank-full of johnnie walker black label tonight to celebrate. ok, let’s […]

  • hello sweeties.

    welcome two new followers, dummy and sly. two of my very favourite people. i couldn’t be more chuffed to see you both here. even if someone had just bought me a kindle and a pony and my own house in constantia. just when i thought we’d be floundering on 58 forever, you go and make […]

  • hoezit.

    a big yellow furry hello to two new followers – ‘the pet’ and ‘amanda’. phew for a second there i was starting to think we’d be stuck on 58 followers till eternity. it’s kind of a relief to see the number jump up by two. anyone else wanna come on over to the dark side? […]

  • welcome 'purple grimace'

    from now on i think i’m going to welcome each new follower personally. it feels like the right thing to do. so hello there purple grimace, thanks for stopping by and sparking this idea, clink, have a virtual whiskey, it’s on me. apologies if you’re already a follower and you missed your own illustrated personal […]

  • numbers – not my thing.

    blog ‘followers’ over there to your right are wedged stuck at’s a crap number.not quite 50,just finished being 48.please somebody put me out of my misery and make it 50.please don’t make me have to follow myself.that would be humilliating.