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  • RIO

    Writers can do anything they want to at any time.It’s one of the perks.Anything.For example:I’m crawling through your legs right now.I’m halfway through.Jesus Christ I’m stuck.Move a bit.No, I’m ok.I’m on the move.I’m through.I’m stood behind you.I’m running off.I’ve gone.Where the fuck am I?I’m miles away.I’m poolside in Rio.I’m sipping milk and clicking my fingers.I’m […]

  • michael crowe, i worship you.

    i’ve mentioned to you before that michael crowe is my hero. his blog is over here: and one of my previous posts about him is over here: i just read one of his latest posts and it’s without a doubt one of the funniest things i’ve ever read. and so, shameless copy and […]

  • more friday fig crumbs

    poetry doesn’t get much better. except for this gem, it’s one of my all time favourite poems, by Charles Simic (1938 – ) there’s nothing after the dash here in my poetry book, does that mean he’s still alive? awesome. i wonder if he will marry me? i will go immediately to the google place […]