Category: fail

  • coke branding fail

    did the designer miss a trick here? or do i just have a dirty mind?

  • epic tattoo fails

    ok, i have officially declared today a no smut day here on ‘a million miles’. i figure after all the penises and vagina’s i’ve rammed down your throats (sorry i couldn’t resist) over the last couple of days, all our eyeballs could do with a bit of a break. well if there’s no smut, you’re […]

  • facebook fail.

    i’m a big fan of the status update on facebook. particularly the inappropriate status update. what a stellar invention. it’s right up there with peanut butter and tomato on toast (don’t say gross if you haven’t tried it, seriously, it’s awesome!) this was the first awesome status update i wrote about here: i’ve since come […]

  • american apparel – FAIL

    is it just me, or are people just fucking nuts? i mean, completely out of their heads crazy? this is the perfect post to follow up our photoshop disasters post. welcome to ‘un-photoshopped disasters’. i was checking out ‘texts from last night’, the blog i wrote about a couple of days ago. it’s pretty amazing, […]

  • vegemite – marketing fail or massive success?

    my agent of legendariness pointed this story out to me. vegemite spread decided to rename a new creamier version. so they had a competition and 500 000 people sent in their ideas. the winning idea was… (drum roll please…) Mr Robbins the man who came up with this bit of genius says ‘he was going […]

  • pregnancy test, pass or fail?

    what’s the bet the over-the-counter pregnancy test was invented by a woman, but designed by a man? just in case you’ve never had to do the chemist walk of shame before, let me fill you in, i haven’t done millions of them or anything, but we’ve all had that question mark at some point or […]