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  • Things that make you go woof

    Morning, i’m just back from a rainy weekend away, nice to get out of town for a bit. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Here’s yesterday’s Sunday Times column, it’s about dogs with accents. Yes, dogs with accents. The world is indeed a weird and wonderful place. A MILLION MILES FROM NORMAL – By […]

  • Dogs playing poker

    One of my favourite posts so far this year has been this one, on the classic American Gothic painting. I loved doing the research, finding out about it and writing about it. So I thought I’d take another classic painting and find out about it. This, my friends… …is ‘Dogs Playing Poker’. It was one […]

  • Are you a dog person or a cat person?

    Look i’m just not a cute and cuddly pictures kind of girl. I’ve never owned a calendar with kittens or puppies or firemen. I just don’t go in for that. But this is different. This picture does it for me. Now let me just state for the record that I am neither a cat nor […]

  • Why dogs bite people.

    As a general rule I’m quite strict with myself and I try very hard not to post things here that might have already landed in your inbox at some point. You know the emails I mean, they do the rounds all the time, and there’s always one friend who sends them out about a year […]