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  • The Dangers of Dating

    Hi friends, Romans and countrymen. Here’s the column I wrote for this month’s Edgars Club Magazine. They had to edit out a fair whack of it to make it work in the space, so I thought I’d post the whole thing, uncut, unedited, and unchanged. Hope you enjoy. And to Jane and Dannon, thank you […]

  • Dodgy dating sites

    I’m here, so it must be Monday, here’s yesterday’s Sunday Times Column, hope you enjoy. xA MILLION MILES FROM NORMAL – By Paige Nick DODGY DATING SITES Since I seem to be the common denominator in all my dodgy dates to date, I’ve come to the conclusion that perhaps I’m doing it wrong, or maybe […]

  • Why are we still single?

    Here’s yesterday’s Sunday Times Column. Sunday Times edited quite a bit out of it, so here it is in it’s full, original form. Enjoy. I got some super-crazy mad lunatic emails off of this one, i’ll post some of them tomorrow. Prepare for the crazy. You’ve been warned. WHERE DID ALL THE GOOD GUYS GO? […]

  • Dating by the book

    Did you know that online dating in America is a $1.049 billion per year industry? Yup, it’s actually bigger than the online porn industry, which is a crazy factoid. Although ironic, as the line between the two – online dating and online porn, is often a very very narrow and tenuous one. With that in […]

  • could this be mr rite?

    blogging about the people you come across while dating online is a dangerous but enjoyable business. you don’t want to come across as a heartless, judgemental bitch. i mean seriously, i’m hardly kate moss myself. but on the other hand i really do need to show you some of these people. you need to see […]

  • amish online dating.

    good friend fuzzy juzzy found this. (*aside for fuzzy juzzy, what’s with the empty ninja toe, dude?) i wasn’t too suprised when he found it, that boy spends a lot of time surfing dodgy stuff online. but seriously, is it really a dating website for the amish? really? so i went and logged in. i’m […]

  • oh for fuck's sake, will you just shut up already!

    for those of you who are sick to death of listening to me rabbit on about dating and penises and such, here are some pretty pictures i had absolutely nothing to do with, other than copying them off the internetweb and pasting them here.