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  • Psycho buildings

    You’ve heard of girls gone wild, right? It’s a franchise of semi-porno videos of chicks showing their tits, and basically going wild on Spring Break, or wherever really. Well girls aren’t the only ones who like to let their hair down, shoot a couple of tequillas and lift their shirts. Sometimes people in other industries […]

  • Crazy reaches an all new level

    Today’s post ties up to two other recent posts. This post about religious sex toys, and this post about LOLcats. But what could those two posts possibly have in common? I hear you ask. Well, believe it or not, a couple of years ago a bunch of crazy cats began a project to translate The […]

  • internet dating time again

    ok so just because i haven’t written about the internet dating scene for a while, doesn’t mean i haven’t been out there getting to know some new fabulous freaks and lunatics. the problem i find with many of the profiles i come across on the internet dating website is not that there’s anything wrong with […]

  • dr seuss on crack.

    This man is edward gorey. he died in april 2000, aged 75. but before he died, and before i was born, back in 1963 (that’s not when i was born, that’s when he wrote this) this somewhat disturbed but completely brilliant man wrote and illustrated a genius story book called the gashlycrumb tinies. it’s about […]

  • tooth tattoos: i saw it on the internetweb, so it must be true.

    ok, I’m not even joking about this. You can now get a tooth tattoo. yup i’ll type it again to save your eyes the effort of having to go back and reread that line. you can now get a tooth tattoo.i googled it and it’s actually been around for a while (sorry, I’m a laggard). […]