Category: copy and paste

  • party girl rocks

    it’s a tuesday afternoon. so why not find random stuffs on the internetweb and copy and paste them here i ask you? just why the hell not? these lovely things are from here: and ‘party girl’ was kind enough to send me there between parties. thanks ‘party girl’ you are a rocking thing on […]

  • so i won't be moving to klerksdorp after all.

    hello ‘justmeonly‘ guy who i spotted on the internetweb dating site. i’m sorry but your narrative makes my head hurt. i copied and pasted it directly below and put it in lilac, so it wouldn’t lose anything in the translation or get muddled up with my words. he describes himself and punctuates exactly as follows: […]

  • oh for fuck's sake, will you just shut up already!

    for those of you who are sick to death of listening to me rabbit on about dating and penises and such, here are some pretty pictures i had absolutely nothing to do with, other than copying them off the internetweb and pasting them here.