Category: competition

  • Winna, winna!

    Okay, so I waited all day yesterday for Price Waterhouse Coopers to arrive with their briefcase and giant calculator to help me decide who should win, but maybe they got held up in the rain. So all on my own I read through all the entries in line to win this: and this: But there […]

  • Winner of book giveaway

    So after this post, over here, where i asked for book suggestions, I also promised to give away a copy of my book to one of the commenters. And so, today, as promised, a boy who looks something like this: Okay, okay, let’s be honest here, he didn’t really look like that. As one of […]

  • win win win win win

    It’s time for a spring clean up, so enter this competition and clean up. Look first things first, beatnik bazaar is a designer who makes the most lovely of lovliest things. So check out her website over here. And while you’re there, you can enter her competition. This is what winner gets: See, look there, […]