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  • Cats – evil incarnate?

    Okay, so I hardly ever, never ever, rarely ever do this. But I’m making an exception because of it’s pure ‘fuck me but that’s cute factor’. Bailey, the keen teen from here sent me the following pics, in amongst some other hug chain-email crap (which I’ve decided to forgive her for, just this once!) In […]

  • Cats that sit like humans

    I’ve long suspected cats. Of what? You ask. Oh so many things. A hunger for world domination for one. Most of the time they’re just too aloof to be trusted. Eddie Izzard does a great piece about cats and how they’re not purring behind the couch, they’re actually drilling for oil. Okay it’s funnier when […]

  • Cats that look like Hitler

    Okay so i wasn’t the first person to find this, in fact i wasn’t even the second or the third. @BarryTuck @KimSchulze and @TheCrazyScott tweeted about it first, but it was too funny not to post about. it’s a website where people post cats that look like Hitler. here are a few, but go check […]

  • Are you a dog person or a cat person?

    Look i’m just not a cute and cuddly pictures kind of girl. I’ve never owned a calendar with kittens or puppies or firemen. I just don’t go in for that. But this is different. This picture does it for me. Now let me just state for the record that I am neither a cat nor […]

  • Dogs playing poker

    One of my favourite posts so far this year has been this one, on the classic American Gothic painting. I loved doing the research, finding out about it and writing about it. So I thought I’d take another classic painting and find out about it. This, my friends… …is ‘Dogs Playing Poker’. It was one […]