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  • Happy birthday brave client.

    Here’s wishing a happy birthday to one of my very favourite readers. Brave Client, Mike, hope it’s awesome.

  • Clients from hell

    ‘CLIENTS FROM HELL’ is one of my new all time favourite websites. it’s a series of nightmare stories posted anonymously by people from all over the world telling stories of their interactions with their dumbass clients. see i’m lucky i only have amazing clients. clients who are smart and funny and clever and sorted. especially […]

  • hangover.

    the team had a rather too awesome dinner with ‘brave client’ last night. so i’m feeling a little hungover this morning. which means this post will probably be: 1. short2. irrelevant3. thirsty (what the fuck, did i not drink enough last night?) i was planning on posting about this dickwad ‘one-liner larry’, from the dating […]