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  • In which Paige gets a little spank by a little stick

    I consider myself lucky. My first book was published in 2010, and my second in 2011, and I’ve had really nice reviews in the media for both books all along, many of which I’ve posted right here. But… …today I got my very first not so nice review. Or ‘stick’ as they call it. One […]

  • A nice December surprise

    One of the perks of having my sister and her hubby, ‘Pliss Man Marc’, and their three incredible kids here from London for the December holidays, besides, of course getting to have them here for the December holidays, was that my sister nicked this mag off the plane: I’m never entirely sure – are you […]

  • Up to no good.

    The rational, intelligent, practical side of me knows that books aren’t living, breathing, feeling things. Of course not, that’s ridiculous! But the other part of my brain, the part that loves books like my own family, refuses to believe that. That’s why when I see my book keeping company with some of my favourite author […]


    No, not this post, I mean read this book: I just finished it. It’s phenomenal. Easily my book of the year. Wow, I absolutely loved it. What a book, what a story, what an epic. Do yourself a favour and pick it up (if you can, at almost 700 pages it’s a bit of a […]

  • O o o I love you O Mag

    The wonderful, clever, talented peeps over at O Magazine gave my new book, This Way Up, a lovely punt in this month’s issue: I just flipped through it and came across a couple of articles I’ve earmarked to go back and read properly later. There’s a piece on being fearless public speaker on page 60, […]

  • Crush Magazine

    Have you seen Crush Magazine? It’s a very cool free online foodie, drinkie, lifestylie magazine. you can download it here, free, gratis, mahala! And I wouldn’t lie to you, it’s flippen gorgeous. Lots of recipes and yummy things. In an issue a couple of weeks ago they gave my new novel, This Way Up, this […]

  • Bobbylicious rocks!

    Bobby has a blog, and it looks like this:  She did a very cool thing. She just finished reading my first book, A Million Miles from Normal, and she made a fashion mood-boardy thingy to celebrate. It’s very cool, nobody has ever done anything like that for me before. I’m digging it. Look: Now […]

  • Go away, I'm reading.

    My good friend, The Design Goddess, sent me this a while ago:  I seriously love it. It reminds me of these paintings I saw in Amsterdam last year:  I apologise for the bad quality of the pics, but the art was on the inside of the gallery and I was on the outside. […]

  • since when is lionel a girl's name?

    I just read a book by a girl named Lionel. Forgive my ignorance but I swear for the first hundred pages I thought she was a he. And I kept wondering how a bloke could write woman’s fiction with such conviction. Turns out he is a she. And this is she: And this is the […]

  • the writer crush.

    i have a new all-time favourite writer crush. and i have book club with The Good Book Appreciation Society today, so it felt like a good day to post a book/author review. let me just say – jim crace rocks my world. my family has an old holiday house up the west coast, and some […]