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  • Happy flipping father's day!

    Morning, here’s yesterday’s column from The Sunday Times. As an added bonus, you’ll see it’s illustrated. Hope you enjoy. A MILLION MILES FROM NORMAL – By Paige Nick.HAPPY FLIPPING FATHER’S DAY. Happy Father’s Day dads of the nation. The fact that it’s today was violently brought to my attention whilst waiting in the queue at […]

  • When do we start lying about our age?

    Hello everyone, hope you had a weekend full of sexual favours and party tricks. Here’s yesterday’s column for your perusal over a cup of coffee. Hope you enjoy. A MILLION MILES FROM NORMAL – BY PAIGE NICK GETTING ON It’s my birthday today. Birthdays are awesome. No they suck. No they’re awesome. No they suck! […]

  • Retard Barbie

    Recently it was my BFF’s daughter’s fourth birthday. (BFF stands for Best Friend Forever, just in case you aren’t still in high school and you don’t follow Paris Hilton.) For four she’s certainly a girl who knows what she wants. She only had three requests. A Princess Party, a pretty dress and a Barbie Cake. […]

  • birthday friday

    i hope my good friend ‘mother of a genius’ is reading this. because it’s her birthday today, eventhough she would like to think it isn’t. there is something you should know about ‘mother of a genius’: she is the smartest, wisest, funniest, best with grammar and spelling, most amazing friend i could ever wish to […]

  • happy birthday squared.

    it’s my identical twin sisters’ birthdays today. That’s ‘A’ on the far right. no wait, that’s ‘S’ on the right, ‘A’ is on the far left. hold on, i’m not so sure now. look at the socks, they’re always a dead giveaway. no that’s definitely ‘A’ on the right. our mother is pretty amazing. she […]