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  • Retard Barbie

    Recently it was my BFF’s daughter’s fourth birthday. (BFF stands for Best Friend Forever, just in case you aren’t still in high school and you don’t follow Paris Hilton.) For four she’s certainly a girl who knows what she wants. She only had three requests. A Princess Party, a pretty dress and a Barbie Cake. […]

  • meet psycho barbie

    Mariel Clayton is, and i quote from her website – ‘a doll photographer with a subversive sense of humour.’ my very good friend from very far away, jessica, thought i might enjoy mariel’s work. i wonder what made her think that? i must be honest, i more than enjoyed it! i oggled it and WTF-ed […]

  • the penis doll.

    when i was young(er) our family moved house once. in the new house somebody found an old box of junk that the previous owners had obviously left behind in the back of a cupboard, it was pretty much a bunch of old crap. a spatula, some old clothes and toys and this old doll, dressed […]