Cape Town’s best kept secret

Rather late than never, right?

Tonight we went to the Galileo Open Air Cinema  at the V&A Waterfront. It blew my mind, and I’m one cynical jaded advertising whore, so that takes a lot. But The Galileo Open Air Cinema  is the best thing to hit Cape Town since the mountain.


After Galileo I may never be able to go to an indoor theatre again.

I’m a little torn about mentioning it, because it would be great if it remained only just kind of full like it was tonight, and didn’t get bursting at the seams with hipsters, but I reckon that’s going to happen whether I like it or not, so I may as well share. After all, whoever is behind this deserves to be so wildly successful that they struggle to spend all the money they make. 


We went to see The Big Lebowski, but they never play the same movie twice, so no reruns. They do a show on Tuesdays in Durbanville, Wednesday’s at Kirstenbosch, and Thursdays at the Waterfront, on the old croquet lawn that very few people even know exists above the Portswood Parking lot.




There were even a couple of dudes there dressed like The Dude. Respect.




That’s an imaginary White Russian he’s holding.

There are incredible food stalls, we had nachos, and a show, the guy uses one of those hand-held fire shooter things they use on Masterchef, to melt the cheese onto the nachos. I asked him if he ever sets the paper plates on fire, he says he used to when he first started, also the tablecloths and his clothes and his eyebrows, but now he says he ‘has practice’. There’s also damn-fine pizza, popcorn, preggo rolls, iced coffee etc etc etc and etc.



I know it’s late notice and I should have told you about this at the beginning of summer, but next Thursday at the Waterfront is the last show till next summer (they’re screening American Beauty).


open air

If The Dude could tell you anything, it would be that you should totally go.


Book here quickly before all the tickets are sold. 


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