Calling all fashionistas

Chaps, sorry this one may not be for you. Unless you’re a fan of a pretty frock. I will try post some porn later to keep the universe balanced.

This one is for the ladies.

Our Wardrobe is a vair fabulous new company for all the vair fabulous ladies out there.

No, I mean real ladies, not ones with bollocks.

So if you’ve got fabulous places to be and people to see, chances are you need a good frock. Thanks to Our Wardrobe, you can buy or rent a gorgeous rok at a very reasonable price, from a wide range of unbelievable designers. From Catherine Moore to Gavin Rajah, Black Coffee or even Madame Rosenwerth.
Here’s a full list of the designers they stock.

The mechanic is pretty simple, just pop over to Our Wardrobe and search by designer, occasion or dress size. It’s like having a very fabulous friend who is your exact size, and has a full wardrobe you can borrow from any day of the week. Fab idea, right?

I’m eyeing out this:

and this:

and this:

Which will all make a pleasant change to this:

3 responses to “Calling all fashionistas”

  1. Huh? What are you smoking in office??? Your blog has a post on FROCKS??!!!? I feel like I don’t know you anymore…

  2. Bwahahaha RK, this girl can’t live on smut and porn and madness alone. Sometimes I need something pretty to look at (or wear) too.
    Anyway, you know you love it, there’s a pretty yellow halter-neck dress there that would look gorgeous on you, come on, you know you wanna.

    And Dave will hopefully swing by here later too, I’ve ear-marked a particularly stunning backless number for him too. (peace and love xxx)

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