Big bookie news

It’s time.

Deep breath.

My new book is launching today. Tonight actually, at The Book Lounge in Cape Town. (5:30 for 6, if you’re in the hood)

Eeeek! It’s farking exciting, but manages to be excessively nerve wracking (nerve fracking if you live in the Karoo) at the same time.

Right so here are some details.

The new book is called This Way Up, and here’s the cover:

What do you think? Like? No like? I like (but then I may be biassed).
It’s not a sequel to A Million Miles from Normal. It’s a whole new story about a couple of women who really don’t know which way is up.
It’s a fun romantic comedy that I really hope you’ll enjoy. *She says desperately crossing every crossable appendage*.
Here’s the back cover, so you can read the blurb, if you want to know what it’s about in a little more detail:
Click to enlarge

And here’s the whole cover back to front (only appropriate considering the title) so you can get the full effect, sorry I know I’m a bit like a parent with a newborn, just altogether far too keen to show pictures of the same thing from every angle:

If you manage to pick it up (it’s not all that heavy, so you shouldn’t have a problem) be sure to let me know what you think. The only people who have read it so far, as far as I know, are my publishers, amazing editor, James, and Sarah Lotz, who ๏ปฟI’ll be chatting to at the launch, so I’m nervously keen for any and all feedback.
Also, in other exciting news, A Million Miles from Normal has gone to reprint at a smaller size (smaller price too), with this spanky new cover:
What do you think?
It is also available at all good book stores, just in case you haven’t read it yet, and the urge strikes you.
Today is a big, but very happy day. xxx

10 responses to “Big bookie news”

  1. Awesome news (albeit old news for some of us) ๐Ÿ™‚

    Bummed not going to make the launch – but definitely getting myself a copy as soon as its available. First one was such a hoot.

  2. Paige Nick, you are a LEGEND my girl!!! Proud to know you xoxoxoxoxoxooxxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. Congrats! Looks awesome – good luck with the launch. I must make a plan to get a copy over to NZ… my sister-in-law is in JHB for a couple of weeks, will ask her to pick one up!

  4. LOVE the cover and love the new font for your name!
    Will be getting mine as soon as I see it in stores ๐Ÿ™‚
    CONGRATS on the new book!

  5. Hey you guys, thanks so much for all the love and well-wishes and all that good stuff.
    It was such a fun launch. I’ll write a post about it tomorrow and try get hold of some pics too.

    Thanks all so much for your support, you really are amazing, whiskies are on me, even the virtual ones!

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