artsy fartsy friday

a mixed bag today. the art, shithead, not me!
anyway, why just show one artist when you can show a whole bunch. wish i knew who did the above. i surfed like all the bertish brothers put together, but i still couldn’t find who was responsible.

if you did this, you deserve the credit. as well as a blow job from a hot blonde if you’re a boy, and a pair of manolo’s if you’re a girl; the piece is amazing.

here’s another artist who deserves either a hot blonde hand job, or a vintage gucci aligator skin clutch. i can’t find this artist’s name either. but i know there’s a whole series of them somewhere on the internetweb. let me know if you come across them.

i’m not a complete moron, i actually do know who did the piece below:

it comes from so the artist’s name must be emily forgot.

funny surname, although at least you know what you’re going to get with her. like if she doesn’t pitch when you’ve made dinner arrangements, so you phone her and you say ‘where the fuck are you?’ and she says, ‘oops, i forgot’, you can’t be mad, it’s not like she didn’t warn you.

have a happy friday.

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